If you haven't already guessed it, the Microblading Magician & Makeup Artist extraordinaire, Zoe Chin Loy, is an actual artist, first! She specializes in the art of Henna & Jagua tattoos; both of which skills require a steady hand & an artistic eye. Zoe is extremely passionate about her profession & in love with her craft; these facts perfectly explains the consistency with which she is able to meticulously craft the perfect pair of brows for each and every client! Zoe's professional artistic capacity, has helped her to quickly perfect her skills as an advanced level Microblading Artist; she has since developed her own unique technique that has consistently yielded her clients nothing less that the most natural looking pair of brows any Microblading technician could ever construct. Zoe calls this new technique Minting™️ (yes, pun intended :) ) With pictures of her work shared by her ecstatic clients circulating the Internet, Zoe has quickly become one of the most sought after Microblading Artist in the industry, with an impressive brag-worthy (secret) list of A-List celebrity clients, who would have only ever taken this leap, in her trusted hands. Zoe's passion for her profession has always kept her a student of her craft; this, along with her love for makeup & beauty, made learning this new art of Microblading, the logical next step. "It's always fulfilling to help my clients feel like her most beautiful self, especially for a bride on her big day. I've stayed for many weddings and cried every single time!" says Zoe, still, nothing could have prepared her for the lives she would touch though the corrective work she has had to perform for clients who were living everyday having to cover up unsightly eyebrow-tattoo or Microblading brow procedure gone wrong, performed unfortunately, by incapable hands. Every last one of them leaving Mint Brows feeling like a new woman, most in tears. This lead Zoe to her decision to start offering Microblading classes so she could properly educate and share this special art with all those interested in perusing it as a profession. After all, Zoe herself was fortunate enough to have a great teacher.