According to science, when it comes to beauty, our eyebrows play the most important role, as they provide symmetry and can add warmth & depth to a face; here at Mint Brows, we'd have to say that we totally agree! Not only do our brows help to balance & enhance our faces, there's no question that a great pair of brows, does wonders for accentuating the eyes! After all, what are amazing lashes or hair, with sparse eyebrows? Today, with the help of a combination of makeup products and a few YouTube tutorials, we are able to construct the "perfect" looking brows. Unfortunately, makeup-constructed brows don't always look very natural, still for most, it's certainly better than the alternative of living without. If we're being honest, who really wants to draw them on all the time, only to wipe them away at night? Today, this has become a lengthy routine for many women; at least, the ones who are skilled enough to pull it off, but for some, they don't even know where to begin, and others simply don't have the time to invest. What about men? Some guys have unbelievably long lashes & perfect brows, while others are just like the rest of us, wishing or accepting that we aren't as lucky. Thankfully, Mint Brows owner, Zoe Chin Loy, is here to change all that!
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  • I just took the microblading class over the weekend and I'm so happy I did ! I must say at first I was a bit hesitant because of the price but I'm so happy I decided to go . Zoe is not selfish with her knowledge at all and give you all of the tools you will need to succeed in this business . The class is also hands on which was great in comparison to some of the other classes I seen that were really demonstrations from projector screens. I took the class Sunday and because of Zoe motivations me today is not Tuesday and I'm already closing a lease for my new place of business . I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a licensed mocroblader.
    Bryana Aitcheson
  • I took the microblading Class with Zoe and highly recommend it. She is very thorough in answering any and all questions you may have. She gives you individualized attention and helps guide you to achieve great results. In order to be the best you have to train with the best. I am very excited to begin my journey and be the best microblading practitioner I can be. Thanks Zoe!
    Ariana Boetius
  • Zoe did my brows right after my birthday and my only regret is that I didn't do them sooner. They look amazing!!!! Zoe is super friendly and completely professional. She know her s*it, and you will leave her with exactly the brows that suit your face. No cookie-cutter-looking-like-everyone-else-sharpie-stenciled brows @ Mint Brows. My brows look completely natural and enhance my face in every way. Major props to my brow stylist, I will see you in a few weeks for my touch up!!!! *10 stars*
    Peta-Gaya Teope
  • Thank you Zoe! I love my brows. So glad I did this. Not going to lie it is a little painful but so worth it. I have gotten so many compliments and people have even told me I look younger. Zoe is extremely professional and a sweet heart. I highly recommend her. You will not regret it. Thanks again Zoe!!
    Cristina Del Calvo
  • My eyebrows look AMAZING! She did an awesome job making them look so natural! I had been nervous about getting them done because you hear so many horror stories but Zoe was great and made me feel very comfortable with the process! I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladded
    Melissa Anne
  • Zoe what a pleasure meeting you today! you were so professional and so nice! My brows turned out perfect. I couldn't be any more happier. Thank you so much again for such a great experience! I will definitely be recommending you
    Fernella Armoogam
  • went to Zoe yesterday for microblading and first off she's super friendly and instantly I felt comfortable. The place was very cozy and clean. She guided me through the whole process and I had no hesitations about doing it. It was a great experience overall. She made sure that I was absolutely happy with the shape and OMG I LOVE MY EYEBROWS!!! I was very impressed at how natural they looked and the shape was perfect for my face. Definitely will go back for retouching. THANK YOU!!!
    Isis Pellon
  • The face is such an important and delicate area, a low quality job could be a disaster. I trusted Zoe with my eyebrows and I'm glad I did. She did an amazing job! I now have beautiful and natural looking eyebrows and my face expression is transformed. I just love it!!!!!!
    Francis Fundora Borrero
  • I had a great experience. Zoe was very nice. I felt very comfortable. I cant stop looking at my eyebrows. I'm a hundred percent Plus satisfied.
    Martini Angiana
  • I absolutely loved my experience at Mint Brow. Zoe was very patient and very professional. I would recommend her microblading services to anyone. Beauty is pain and pain is beauty!
    Keetha Moore
  • honestly I'm not even going to lie , the beginning process was painful and uncomfortable for me and made me shed tears lol but the ending result was everything I imagined ! beauty is pain ladies and this is well worth everything ! I'm so happy w my brows , I definitely have to recommended this to anyone who struggles with hair gaps and thin eyebrows . Zoe you're fabolous and your hospitality is A1 ! thank you again ! ❤️
    Aimee Chinsang
  • My mom doesn't have a fb but she insisted I write a review because of how happy she was with the results! It looks so natural, just as it appears in the pictures . The only thing I can really say about the procedure is that its a little painful during but other than that it was most definitely worth it. I would recommend it for anyone, take advantage of the introductory price Also the facility/environment is lovely
    Stephanie Raden
  • My experience with Mint Brows was great! Zoe was so professional and kind. She drew my brows on four different times until I was perfectly happy with the shape. It hurt a bit but she was so sweet and apologetic about it. If you have sparse or thin brows, I highly recommend this procedure and quite obviously I would recommend it by Zoe. She was awesome! She literally changed my life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Angela Sawyer
  • Zoey was very sweet and let me vent...i/my bf got a flat in our luxury car with high performance tires (what a night as my appointment was at 5pm), I think the venting made me forget the slight pain lol! No she was awesome going for my finishing touches in 2weeks... Thanks Zoe!!!#ilovemybrows #motherdaygift
    Josephine Masseaux
  • Let me tell you about Mint brows yall! Best experience I have ever had!! My brows went from thin to full like I had just filled them in with brow powder but much more natural. Im not going to lie, it hurt a bit gettin them done but GIRL was it worth it!! Booking zoe is a MUST and she's so sweet and entertaining and FUN, I almost didnt remember I was getting my brows done. I surely plan on getting my touch up done with her at the end of the year! She was just so welcoming and great at answering every question I had to ask, and trust me I had alot.
    Britniew Decarash
  • I went to do my brows a couple days ago but I wanted to wait to tell all about how fabulous these brows are! I am the type that loves it when it's shiny and new but then when I have some time to look over and and over again I notice flaws....not the case here! ZOE NAILED IT! I am soooo in love
    From the beginning she was very professional and kept me informed about what she was doing. Though she is the pro here, she listened to what I wanted and had no problem making changes. She is she jams to can u not love her? Lol
    Kerrah Williams
  • Zoe is so talented and she hooked my brows up! The microblading procedure is somewhat painful but does not take that long. If you can handle eyebrow threading this is tolerable. The result is 100% worth it. Brows make the face! Book with her now!
    Corinne Floyd
  • I love my brows!!!! Zoe did an amazing job and I'm so happy I found her! She is great! Made me feel very comfortable and the results are amazing! I definitely recommend her services!
    Deyline Bedoya
  • Just like the first time, I'm in love with my brows. I went in for a touch up and couldn't be me pleased! Thanks Zoe!
    Sonia Aarons
  • I am in love with my new brows, she is so sweet and GREAT at what she does my brows look so natural thank you Zoey I will be bk...
    Jasmine Gomez
  • Zoe is professional and very friendly! She let me know what she was doing and what to expect. I highly recommend her to get those brows in check!
    Shaqualla Cartwright
  • I am very happy with my brows! Zoe is very personable and professional. Her place is very clean. I would highly recommend her!
    Scharon Isse
  • Zoe's work is amazing! My brows are so full and natural looking. I couldn't be happier.
    Vanessa marie
  • Best in the game love my brows! thanks!!!! u are greatly appreciated so sweet also!!!
    Lashonda Smith
  • Zoe is he best of taking care of the eyebrows! Very happy!:)
    Katya kiselnikova
  • Amazing work! The look is very natural I love my new eye brows thank you Zoe!!!
    Moonya Elabas
  • I love my eyebrows!!! Zoe is so sweet & professional!
    Jenelle properties
  • I was very nervous but she did an excellent job. Extremely talented !
    Sueyen Xiquies